The Mind

The conscious and unconscious mental processes of our brain, our master control center

Man’s mind is his essence; he is where his thoughts are.  Nahman Bratslav

It is impossible for you to receive that which your mind refuses to accept.  Ernest Holmes

Anything the human mind can believe, the human mind can achieve. Napoleon Hill

   Our true reality is the world which is ongoing in our minds, not the external world in which we exist. Reality is the world created by the biological-chemical processes going on inside our heads. What one person perceives as reality is different from what another sees. No two of us have the same reality. We exist, maintain, or excel in life to the degree that our minds and mental processes enable us. Everything we are and everything we are becoming; is the end result of our mental processes.

    People can and do excel with physical disabilities; gut those with mental disabilities will almost always be limited. We cannot achieve our potential without efficiently using our mental capabilities. There are many who have done little to train and develop their minds. Their minds are untrained and undisciplined; and are subject to uncontrolled thoughts, urges, and actions. Their lives are too far from being ordered and structured and are likely having a hard time functioning at acceptable levels. Many of these populate our jails and prisons. 

   Some seek to train their minds to better serve them. We know the frustration of knowing what we should do, and then fail being disciplined enough to follow through. We want to resist undesirable thoughts, control urges, not be judgmental or prejudiced; and not give in to the wrong decisions. Our minds seem to be wild, untamed and refuse obeying our wishes and demands. Knowing what to do and then doing it seem to oppose each other.

   One major key to successful living is to train, discipline and harness the power of our mind. It requires learning how to be a really objective observer of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. We must train our minds much as we would train a dog or even our children. We need supervision and monitoring. The more we succeed at this, the more we gain control how our minds serve and obey us. Do we allow our subconscious mind to dominate, control and direct us? We can learn to control and direct what we want to do. Through concentration and continued effort we will increasingly succeed at developing our abilities. Those who are learning and have learned to develop their mental abilities are those who succeed at finding out what life has to offer. Properly developing mental abilities is one of the most important things we can have going for us.  

Challenge:  Numerous philosophers have said you become what you think. It follows that you should want to control and direct your thoughts in order to become better. This boils down to training and discipline. You are responsible and accountable for your life. It should become the highest priority to become the best you can be. What steps can you take to train, discipline, grow and develop your mind? Now follow through and start doing.

Wisdom: The man who has acquired the power of keeping his mind filled with the thoughts which uplift and encourage, the optimistic thought, the cheerful, hopeful thought, has solved one of the great riddles of life.   Orison Marden

 Spiritual: (NIV)

I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go:  I will guide thee with mine eye.  Psalm 32:8

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness:  for they shall be filled. Matthew 5:6

I can do all things though Christ which strengthens me.  Philippians 4:13

God gives each of us a little of him in the process of creation. No one knows how truly capable we really are. It is said we use very little of the mental potential within us. God is unlimited in all ways. He has made us and desires us to be successful in living life with meaning and purpose. If we overcome our stubbornness and allow Him to help us, we will accomplish more and enjoy life much more than if we try to do this totally on our own.  

Prayer:  Help me to train and develop my mind that it might better serve you.


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