Sense of Mission

1stqtr07 554An inner calling to pursue a cause or to perform a service or vocation; to fill a need; something that inspires and gives reason

Make your work to be in keeping with your purpose. Leonardo Da Vinci

The worst bankrupt in the world is the person who has lost his enthusiasm.  H W Arnold   


Make your life a mission-not an intermission. Arnold H. Glasgow

  Imagine taking part in a survey of 100 individuals which represented a broad and varied background. The purpose of the survey was to ask the following question, “What is your mission or purpose in life?  How many of us have a primary mission? How many could identify more than one mission? The results of this survey would leave us saddened because so many people lack mission, purpose, direction, or even a reason for being.

   If we examined those with identified missions in their lives, they would be more fulfilled, happy and well-balanced. In addition, the more focused these individuals were, the more likely they were excelling in “living life to the fullest”. They would be giving time and commitment to their life and getting rewarded for their effort.

   Now let us survey ourselves. Do we have at least one clearly identified mission or purpose? The more focused we are and the more committed we are, the more likely we have found purpose and meaning in our lives. Equally we are the more likely to be happy and feeling good about ourselves. Look around and it is rather easy to identify those individuals that are. Can we count ourselves as one of these individuals? This is equally true and even to a greater degree for those who have identified multiple missions or purposes. Some examples of the kind of missions and purposes that inspire many of us include: developing one’s spiritual life, marriage, family, friends, health and fitness, volunteering, personal growth and development, and many other such things. Those who are missing these ingredients in their lives are missing out of much of what their life has to offer.  

   The underlying truth to all of this is that we are either engaged or disengaged, proactive or passive, vegetating or growing, using our potential or wasting it, and so on. An appropriate analogy might be, each of our lives could be represented as a seed that was planted when we were born. We each have had the potential to be fruitful with our lives. If we use the talents and abilities that were given, we will be bearing fruit. If we do not cultivate, water, and nurture ourselves, instead of bearing fruit we may best be characterized as having lived live as a lowly weed. Life is to be lived with a mission and filled to the brim with meaning and purpose.

Challenge: There is no doubt that Life has its challenges. It is so full of trials and tribulations that you will sometimes have a hard time staying on course. The more focused you are, the more you will be able to endure, persevere, and keep going. Having a mission gives life meaning and energy. Take time to focus, review, and establish what your missions and purposes are. They will help you to grow, develop, to flower and to bear fruit.

Wisdom: When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. W Clement Stone

Spiritual: (NIV)

Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord!  Ps.27:14


But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matt.: 6:33


For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1.7

The Bible teaches being a good steward, using our talents, planting and harvesting, being fruitful, casting our bread upon the waters and so many more wonderful teachings, parables, and analogies. One thing they all have in common is we should be doing something. We should be engaged and working to make the world better  by growing and developing as well as giving of ourselves to those around us. This involves action and commitment.       


Prayer:  Help me to know my weaknesses, failures, and shortcomings. Give me strength to get better.    


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