Poetic Justice

2006 073Getting what you deserve, a universal truth that what one does to others will eventually come back to them

Nothing exists from whose nature some effect does not follow. Baruch Spinoza

He who injures others is sure to be injured by them in return. Chuang Tse

The game of life is a game of boomerangs. Our thoughts, deeds, and words return to us sooner or later, with astounding accuracy. F. S. Shinn

Poetic justice is considered a literary term; it also serves well as a life’s principle. Other ways to state this is; “what goes around, comes around”, karma, “just deserts”, “reap what you sow” and “do not spit into the wind”. It is mostly believed people will eventually get what they deserve. It will either happen in this life or a future life.
Authors have tried to create a belief system where bad deeds do not go unnoticed and eventually doers of bad deeds are held accountable. There is no escape. The message is that justice will be administered to all based on our deeds and actions. Those that step on others, are unkind, selfish; those that lie, steal, and cheat; those that harbor bad thoughts; in the end reap what they have sown. The concept of poetic justice is intended to assure us that we do not have to be burdened believing that justice prevails, it will eventually be delivered. We probably have all experienced poetic justice in our lives; we have reaped what we sowed or have seen it happen to others.
Another universal precept akin to poetic justice is the Golden Rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. Underlying this; the message that comes forth is: do good, get good; do badly, get bad. Poetic justice is a universal maxim that promises us that no evil deed will go unpunished. Eventually, you get what you deserve. What is there in all of this that can help us in our quest to become the best that we can become? One primary message is that we should avoid the poison that comes from all of our feelings of revenge, getting even, resentment and hatred. We should know the effects of these feelings are always bad and have immediate and long-term harmful effects. We likely have known those whose lives are plagued by such feelings. Their heavy baggage will keep them from growing and becoming. Ideally, we should not harbor such thoughts; we should believe that justice will prevail. It should serve as an incentive knowing these things will come back to get us.
We are responsible in how we react to all that ever happens to us. We should always try to choose the High Road. We should be willing to forgive and forget and by all means seek to live by the Golden Rule.
Challenge: People will get what they deserve? Whatever you do knowing you should not have done, will come back to you, whatever it is. Structure your life on the principle of the Golden Rule. Use this principle to do all the good you can. Make better choices. Believe you will be rewarded for your right choices and punished for your bad choices. Have faith that poetic justice is truly a universal truth. Always hold yourself to the high standards.
Wisdom: Good thoughts and actions never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can never produce good results. This is but saying that nothing can come from corn but corn, nothing from nettles but nettles. James Allen

Spiritual: (NIV):
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, you heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matthew 6:14

Do not say, “I’ll pay you back for this wrong!” Wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you. Proverbs 20:22

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

God invented justice. He administers perfect justice. Nothing escapes his notice. God is willing to forgive us for our wrongs. He will forgive us when we forgive others. He forgives us when we ask for forgiveness. Contrary to popular belief (or misbelief), God is in control. He give us freedom to choose, but does hold us accountable for our actions. Those who do not have God in their lives, guiding and directing them, live lives of such desperation.

Prayer: You are in control. Help me to let go and let you! Help me to be what you designed me to be.


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