Character Building Events

100_1598Things and events that test and strengthen us while building our character and stamina

Character is a by-product:; it is produced in the great manufacture of daily duty. Woodrow T Wilson

Our character is what we do when we thing no one is looking. H Jackson Browne

Character is the sum and total of a person’s choices. P B Fitzwater

Nearly everything that happens to us contributes to building our character. We are continuously being tested, shaped, and developed by the sum total of all trials, tribulations and experiences. It is ongoing and never ending. We are changing for the better or worse slowly and methodically.
Everyone is responsible for becoming a person of character and integrity. Things we experience are building us up or tearing us down; developing our character in the positive direction or taking us in the negative direction. It is like the wearing effect of water dripping on a rock, slowly and incrementally changing our shape and overall appearance. Everything: the good, bad and in-be-tween, has and is sculpting us into what we are now and into what we are becoming. The adages, “no pain – no gain”, and “that which does not kill you, makes you stronger: are profoundly true. Precious metals are purified of their impurities by the purging, cleaning and strengthening effects of fire. Each of us must be subjected to the purifying and strengthening challenges of daily life. It is how we continue to become a new and better version. We are an ongoing metamorphism. Every adversity has great potential to teach and strengthen if we will allow it to do so. Good things get taken for granted. It takes hardships and difficulties to really grow and purify us.
. Graduating from the school of Hard Knocks” is mostly on the job training. We must observe everything, looking for lessons to be learned and wisdom to be gained. Everything is influencing us whether we are conscious of it or not. The shaping and building of our character is complex and involves everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will happen in the future.
No one purposely desires bad experiences, but we must learn to gain from them as they occur. Every time we get something positive out of something negative, we have been tested, purified and strengthened. Our character is being forever shaped and influenced. Every time we learn a valuable lesson we become a little better. This responsibility for developing our character cannot be taken lightly. It belongs to us and we cannot blame others if we fail to become a person of character. We have to assume this awesome responsibility, “the buck” stops with us. The person we are now and are becoming going forward is a prime objective.

Challenge: Are you taking responsibility for the shaping and building of your character? Take this seriously? If you do not, who will? It is your life on the line. You are like a plant that needs watering and feeding to flourish. What issues and flaws need your attention? Be honest, look in the mirror, take some action, and do something positive toward becoming a better you. Become the best you possible. Grow a little each and every day.

Wisdom: Thought is the sculptor who can create the person you want to be. Thoreau

Spiritual: (NIV)
The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever. Isaiah 32:17

You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. Hebrews 10:36

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

God never promises that our life will be without trials and tribulations. They are a major part of life’s experiences. He does promise not to allow anything to happen to us that is greater than our combined abilities for dealing with our difficulties and triumphing and growing through them. We can confront life’s difficulties on our own and without him or we can choose to have God there always helping us. It is always our choice to make.

Prayer: Help me to always have the faith and strength to walk the path that is in front of me.


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