Blowing Your Own Horn

Elephant StatueSinging our own praises, trying to impress others with what we have done or accomplished for the purpose of seeking praise and adoration from others

As soon as there was two there was pride. – Dr. John Donne

It will come to pass that every braggart shall be found an ass. William Shakespeare   

The less people speak of their greatness the more we think of it. Francis Bacon

 Which of us has never blown our own horn? We want recognition and praise. It is something we seek. If not readily given, we will want to give it to ourselves.

 Typically we are aware of our successes and achievements, while those around us may not always be. We feel a need to make sure everyone knows what we have done so they can give us the accolades we want. We feel we must prime the pump by encouraging others to give us our due praise.

   There is a fine line here. There is an unwritten set of rules that have to do with getting recognition. If we decide to blow our own horn then that pretty much eliminates the likelihood of us getting any praise and recognition from anyone else. It is taboo to be engaged in blowing our own horn. It turns others off. It is considered to be very close and similar to conceit, arrogance, and being a braggart. Those that blow their own horn are “not cool”, ungracious, and are lacking in humility.

    Our friends and loved ones are likely our best source of praise for our accomplishments. The problem is, “what if they do not know?” It is best that others find out without our having to tell them. If we must share our accomplishments with others, the news should be delivered very humbly and softly. Anything else may come across as blowing our own horn. We remember the braggarts we have known and how they constantly have told us how great they were.  Remember those that overuse “I” when it was more appropriate to say “we”. We very much remember those who are prone to blow their own horn.

    We need to be conscious of how we share our triumphs with others? People will usually see through to the truth of the matter. If we are blowing our own horn they will be well aware of it. They will withhold the recognition that we seek, which is fitting and proper. We do not need to have our heads swollen any larger than they already are. Sometimes, it is best to keep our accomplishments to ourselves.

    The most important thing is we know that we have done something worthwhile. We can pat ourselves on the back, appreciating the moment and go to the next task. It is a bonus when others choose to recognize us.  

Challenge:  Are you guilty of blowing your own horn? Do you want praise and recognition? Do not tend to take away from your accomplishments by overly seeking praise and respect from others. Let others do this for you. If you are actively seeking praise, often it will backfire on you. Let it happen naturally. If it does not happen, you know in your heart what you have accomplished. Respect yourself and recognize yourself privately and quietly.

Wisdom: The weakest spot in every man is where he thinks himself to be the wisest. Nathaniel Emmons

Spiritual: (NIV):

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips.  Proverbs 27:2

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.  Proverbs 16:8

Do you see a man wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.  Proverbs 26:12

When we are secure and confident, we have much less need to be praised by others. When we are spiritually secure we know in our hearts that our futures are secure. We should have little or no need for the praises of men. As we mature spiritually, we increasingly know ourselves as we really are; which should be very humbling. Also as we become increasingly aware of our faults, we can love and accept ourselves, because of God’s love for us.         

Prayer:  Help me to use this day in a way that pleases You. Help me to let go and let You.                       



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